Irish Bass – A chance to have your say

If you fish in Ireland either as a resident or as a traveling angler you may wish to get involved here. The dealine is the 31st of March so do it now!

A message from John Quinlan of

You need to act fast. The deadline is the 31st March. It only takes a few seconds so do it today.
The Irish Government have decided to give the public a chance to recommend ideas on how we might get better value from Ireland’s marine resource (
Sea angling has not been taken seriously for many years right across the EU.* I would urge you to take this opportunity to tell the Irish government the enormous opportunity that exists by considering the needs of sea anglers when making management decisions about our seas.* Simply click here ( ) and you can let the Irish government know how important it is to have better management of out commonly owned fish stocks. Why not tell them that you would be much more likely to come and spend your money in Ireland if you felt that our marine fish stocks were better managed.
Thank you in advance.
John Quinlan

Click here ( and you can quote from some of the figures below if you wish.

  1. Recreational sea angling is worth €10 billion a year across the EU. We could do a much better job of cashing in on this enormous sum of money.
  2. Irish angling tourism was worth €105 million in 2009 and €88 million in 2010.      This figure does not include the considerable spend of Irish anglers.
  3. Across the world, specific sea areas reserved for angling have proved to be much      more valuable to the economy and the environment than when they were open      to commercial fishing.
  4. Sea angling gives by far and away the most economically and sustainably viable      return to the economy while doing virtually no damage to the marine      habitat.
  5. In the EU all marine fish stocks have been managed solely for the benefit of      commercial fishermen (with the one exception of Irish bass). As these      marine fish stocks belong to all of us, it is time for this to change.

It is well worth a look around the website, some really good work has been done and will be done in the future.

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